To Use or Not to Use a Brochure Template

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Should you use a brochure template or not?

Have you considered using a brochure template? Some people refrain from using templates since they think it limits their control over the creation of the brochure. Others reason that using a brochure template may be a sign of “un-professionalism” and a lack of original thought.

These reasons may have some basis, but they hardly outweigh some of its benefits to brochure printing. If you plan to invest in brochure printing for your project or business then you should weigh the pros and cons of using brochure templates.

On the positive side brochure templates save you valuable time. Having a previously designed layout for your color brochures means that you cut the creative design time to almost nothing. All you really need to do is add your new content, including new text and updated images for your brochures. Once you have inputted all that, the brochure template is read for printing. It is that easy.

Brochure templates are also economical. If your business or project produces several brochures per year, or even per month then having some brochure templates ready for use is a good investment. It saves you money since you do not have to hire a layout designer for every brochure printing job. All you need to do is load up the brochure template and edit the details that need to be updated. You do not have to add the extra cost of design for that particular brochure printing job anymore.

Why not?
Of course, there are also disadvantages to using brochure templates. One prominent one is the limitation in layout and design. If you use brochure templates, you are stuck with what those templates can give you. If you have a limited selection of templates then you may be in trouble if you do not know how to edit them. In addition, if a special brochure printing task is given to you, your templates may not be flexible enough to match certain requirements. Therefore, if this happens to you, it may be better to design a brochure from scratch.

Another disadvantage of brochure templates is its tendency to be common and even boring. If you produce the same old brochure format with only little changes it slowly becomes a common sight. It will lack some originality and may even be barely notice. Worse, people might say they have already read something like that and ignore it completely.

Lastly, if you do not print brochures on a regular basis, then investing in brochure templates may not be that wise. Since you might not even use it often, then it is probably better to have a custom design made for each brochure printing job. They might be more unique and have a better quality if you do so.

Therefore, should you use a brochure template or not? Follow these guidelines and you should have no trouble regarding your brochure printing task.


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